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Our Services

Torbay Stone and Conservation offer a wide range of stonemasonry services to suit the varied requirements of our customers. See below for more information regarding the services we offer, or call us for more information on 07516 703377 to arrange your FREE consultation!



Torbay Stone and Conservation can offer solutions to suit any masonry requirements, including working from scratch on the development of new builds, fitting cladding and cladding replacements, and carrying out wall repairs.


Our experience in the stonemasonry trade has also given us in-depth knowledge of legal and planning permission processes, and therefore we are skilled in advising and undertaking work on boundary walls and repairing the walls of listed buildings.

For examples of our Stonewalling work, please see below:


Torbay Stone and Conservation are highly knowledgeable regarding navigating the legalities and requirements of Grades I and II listed properties, having acquired a wide range of experience restoring listed buildings. 

To identify and match the existing mortar as closely as possible, we can provide a mortar analysis. If required, we can then proceed to repoint the stonework, remove and replace damaged or brittle masonry blocks, undertake brick repairs, build reconstructions to height and dimensions, and dismantle unwanted sections of the building.


For examples of our Heritage work, please see below:

Christ Church   


Sally Strachey Historic Conservation   



Could cement be eroding your walls? 

Many people do not know that cement is, in fact, a risk to the structural integrity of historic and listed buildings. When cement gets wet, it retains water, and this causes damp inside your home, as your stonework can no longer 'breathe' properly. 


Mortars should be softer than the stonework, as this prevents damage in the event of structural movement, expansion, or contraction.


However, as buildings age, the cement becomes firmer, and the stonework becomes softer, which causes the stonework to erode faster than the mortar.

Our Repointing services shape the facade of the building back into its original form, removing any excess cement from the outside of the property, and repolishing the existing stonework. 


For examples of our Repointing work, please see below:

Mrs A.   Hurst Court   Christ Church  


Paint Removal

Unfortunately, a simple lick of paint does not solve anything. In fact, painting over old stonework may be causing damage to the walls of your property, especially if the paint is cementitious.


This is because the moisture can be absorbed into the walls of the building, but is prevented from evaporating. This causes the stonework to begin to rot.


Torbay Stone and Conservation offer two solutions to this problem.


We can either remove all paint using a ThermaTech superheated clean, or by applying a specialist chemical cleaning solution and allowing it to work, before then removing the debris using a Thermatic clean.


Should there be any paint left following the clean, we can use grit blasting to remove any remaining residue. 

Facade Cleaning

We offer affordable, high-quality cleaning solutions to fit a wide variety of properties and setups. There are three options for facade cleaning: ThermaTech, chemical application, and grit-blasting.


ThermaTech: Using the latest ThermaTech technology, we can safely remove most types of biological buildup, including growths such as mosses and lichens - as well as more dangerous bacterial colonies - with minimal impact on the local environment. We can also remove other manmade substances, such as paint, traffic film, and carbon buildup from air pollution.


Chemical Application: Should your building require a 'softer approach', chemical gel cleaning is gentler and is less abrasive to the facade of your building. This is a good option for buildings that have distinguishing features - such as carvings - on the outer walls.

Grit-Blasting: Grit-blasting, otherwise known as sandblasting, involves the forceful propulsion of sand or grit at the facade of your building. This helps to smooth out uneven surfaces at the same time as removing any buildup.

Shelter Coating

We can offer shelter coating as a means of conserving the fabric of the building. It is generally used as a sacrificial layer. This is typically used in areas where the stone is eroding through natural erosion, but not spalling or flaking. 

Shelter coating is normally applied to soft limestones and sandstones that are constructed close to the sea, where the salts in the air can be absorbed via capillary action through the pores in the substrate layer. 


You can learn more about our shelter coating on the page for our Littleham Road project.

Carbon Removal / Fireplace Cleaning


You can learn more about our carbon removal / fireplace cleaning services on the page for our Stapledon Lane project.


Mortar Repairs

Exposure to the elements can cause erosion over time, which delaminates the stonemasonry on the exterior of your property. This causes the stone to retain water, which can lead to damp and other structural issues. This is a particular risk where the masonry has been face-bedded, which reduces the durability and longevity of the structure. 

Torbay Stone and Conservation offer a wide range of repair services for any type of stonemasonry. 

New Builds

We also complete work on new build constructions, including constructing boundary walls and fitting cladding.


Whether you are building from scratch or adding to existing structures, we can match the style and structure of your home, to create a home with a sense of continuity and harmony. 

Driveways And Patios

We offer many renovations to driveways and patios, from a simple clean and repoint, to the installation of new patios, terraces, and driveways to fit your specification and needs. 

For examples of our Patio work, please see below: