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Photos of Works Carried Out at Marypole Head Cottage, Exeter


'Aaron built a beautiful garden wall with a reclaimed arch in the middle to provide some privacy to a sitting area in my patio. The result is excellent; it looks as if it had been built at the same time of my old stone Victorian cottage.


From choosing the stones to the detailed execution, he has shown to be not only very skilled and knowledgeable, but punctual and courteous; he finished the work within schedule and very importantly, he listened attentively before and during the work and made pertinent and very useful suggestions, thus making it possible to achieve a stunning outcome. Exactly what I wanted.


He also showed interest in other stone projects needed in my house i.e. restoring the stone window frames etc. and I had no hesitation to give him the contract for these. It can be daunting to embark in this type of projects, particularly when making a significant investment; his fees also were very reasonable. He put my mind at rest and I am grateful. I would definitely recommend him as a stonemason.'


Private Client, Exeter

Phase Two - Fireplace Restoration


a little while later...


Phase Three - Mortar Repairs




work in progress...