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Works Carried Out for Christ Church, Exmouth

A full repoint was carried out to both South-West and South-East turrets. The mortar flaunch to the bath roof had failed, allowing water ingress into the building, so a fine grout was poured down to fill all the voids, and then a new flaunch applied.

Mortar repairs were carried out to the ashlar, Doric column and Doric capital, architrave, and frieze where it was holding water. A bath indent was fixed into the cornice, along with a new keystone scarphed in because the existing keystone was delaminating. The bath roof had some minor cracking, so it has been stitched and repaired to prevent any further movement. 

The transoms to the columns, door jamb, and pilasters were sheltercoated because these are due to be changed next year, along with a step alteration to the entrance of Christ Church.

I thoroughly enjoyed this job, looking forward to the further planned work to Christ Church!


'We appreciated your flexible attitude, your explaining all aspects of the work, and also your keeping the site clean and providing advice to us for future prevention.'

Christ Church, Exmouth 



work in progress...


a little while later...




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